Writer. Educator. Renaissance Woman.

Susan L.M. Goldberg has an undergraduate degree in television and film production from Rowan University and a Master’s degree in Radio, Television and Film with a specialization in critical/cultural studies from the University of North Texas.

Her professional experience includes stints in banking, small business management and the antiquarian book trade. Her role as a Co-Director of a New Jersey-based Holocaust-Genocide resource center for educators and students is a particular point of pride. Before setting her sites on the freelance writing world she worked as a Personnel Specialist in public education.

Susan’s work has appeared at PJMedia, Kveller, Iron Ladies, Conservative Pathways and the Times of Israel along with a number of print publications. Her thesis on interpretations of Jewishness in American sitcom television (a scintillating read about Grace Adler, Elaine Benes and Fran Fine) is available here.

Along with writing Susan is currently employed as the C.E.O. of Team Goldberg, a small but thriving family enterprise she shares with her husband and two sons.

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