From the Desk of S.L.M. Goldberg

“The woman’s soul is fashioned as a shelter in which other souls may unfold.”

St. Edith Stein

Thriving in the Time of Covid

One year ago this month I picked up my four year old son from preschool and was told the children weren’t allowed to return by order of the Governor. For a week we played spring break with his little brother who was just shy of 2 years old. We built forts and had “snowball fights”…

What Does Torah Do for Christians?

When faced with Torah most Christians’ immediate response is, “the Law is dead”. What I don’t understand is how the very document that established Western Civilization’s canon for successful cultures (Israel is still here; Rome is not) can possibly be rendered moot. When you say “the Law is dead” you are effectively declaring anarchy, choosing…

What is Biblical Feminism?

You can’t talk feminism without talking about the Bible. I’m not talking about oral law, tradition, theology, or what anyone else is telling you about the Bible. As much of a fan as I am of solid exegesis and thoughtful commentary, no woman – no person – can be truly liberated until they have read…

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